Me.I am Mariah The Elusive Chanteuse Limited Edition Translucent Orange Vinyl 2LP

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In celebration of #MC30, Mariah Carey’s 14th studio album Me. I am Mariah The Elusive Chanteuse is on vinyl for the first time  – featuring “#Beautiful.”

Track Listing:

A Side
1. Cry.
2. Faded
3. Dedicated
4. #Beautiful

B Side
1. Thirsty
2. Make It Look Good
3. You're Mine (Eternal)
4. You Don't Know What To Do

C Side
1. Supernatural
2. Meteorite
3. Camouflage

D Side
1. Money ($ * / ...)
2. One More Try
3. Heavenly (No Ways Tired/Can't Give Up Now)